Bald Pate Mountain, located off of Fiddler's Creek Road, Washington Crossing, NJ is a small area for climbing practice.

Bald Pate is a nice set of trails located due north of WXP. In and of itself, it is too small to make a full cycling excursion out of, and is more suitable as an adjunct to WXP.

There are a few entrances off of Fiddler's Creek Road, on of which is a remote control gated entrance, and another of which is a true trail entrance further south. The attraction of this area is the initial climb to the top of Bald Pate which is about 400 feet from road to peak. Once atop the area, there is about 1 to 2 miles of trail that weave about the top of the mountain. There are north trails leading to bramble fields, but our last excursion there resulted in no less than one or two flats per cyclist, so we never ventured back.

Bald pate has an historic farm located on the north corner and we have often dismounted and scouted around. There are a few fallow trails outside the main trail system but many are barely passable. As much as we wanted Bald Pate to be a regular destination with at least 2 hours of looping trail, that is strictly a fantasy. You can cover most of the system in about 30 minutes.

We have never had any negative interactions with the Rangers located at the station atop Bald Pate. Rumor has it that they were going to acquire adjacent land and expand the trail system to make it more of a reasonable schedule-able area. Since our club typically likes to ride 2 to 4 hours and loathes lapping and re-riding trails, we don't use Bald Pate much these days.

-Jay R.