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Attn. Ride Leaders: if you want your Ad Hoc rides to count toward ride leader rewards, you need to follow these steps...
1) Submit the ride to the Ride Calendar on the website, but no more than 48 hrs. before the ride. When you submit it, I will get notified and will make sure it gets approved and posted to the calendar.
2) Post the ride on the club Forum (please use the Ad Hoc Rides tab), also no more than 48 hrs. before the ride.
3) Print out a waiver/sign-in sheet from the club website and have it completed the day of the ride.
4) Send the completed waiver/sign-in to the club. Either send it through the postal service to the address on the waiver, or scan it and attach it to an email to the Rides Director's email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Posting only to the Forum is not enough, as the ride leader rewards are based on the info we pull from the ride calendar, which is matched up to waivers sent in.

* Following these steps will also qualify your ride as an official club ride that will be covered by the club's insurance.
* The current ride leader reward program is: 0-9 rides led in a calendar year earns a free 1 yr. club membership. 10 plus rides led earns, in addition to the 1 yr. membership, $5.00 per ride for rides 10 and up, for a maximum of $200.

If you want to lead a ride but need help choosing a route or posting it, please contact either the ride level coordinator, or myself. I'll be happy to help.

Terry Hampton
Rides Director


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