Move Up Day - August 14

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Move Up Day - August 14 was created by TERRY HAMPTON
Have you ever thought about trying to ride a higher level ride, but were afraid of getting dropped? At our 08/14 picnic ride, you can try stepping up a level without that fear of being dropped! Here's how it will work:
we'll have a ride for every level from A through D. All groups will ride basically the same route, at least up to a point. The A group will go out first, followed at 10-15 minute intervals by the other groups. So you can try riding with a higher level, and if it proves to be too much, you just stop and wait for the next group to come along. Each ride will have a "point of no return," which would be the last chance to drop back to the next level down. For
example: a D rider trying out the C ride will have until mile 19 to decide to drop back to the D group. All the other groups will have their "points" even further along in the route. Then, after returning from our rides, we'll enjoy a great picnic together, and sharing stories of moving up and conquering the challenge! More information will be
forth coming, so keep watching the ride calendar and the Forum, and get ready to challenge yourself to moving up a category!


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