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NJ Roads 1 month 4 days ago #4780

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I drove many of the roads over in NJ today (09/16) to check them out. Found a few issues, which I will list here, but was encouraged by how many roads were open and ridable. Since I was driving, I did not go down any roads that had "Road Closed" signs up so I can't say if you'd be able to get through on a bike. Also, the situation with these roads is fluid (pun intended) so it can change from day to day.
1) Lower Creek Rd., as we've all heard, is closed and not ridable.
2) Alexauken Creek Rd. is also closed.
3) Raven Rock Rd., from Federal Twist down to the iron bridge is open and can be ridden, but there is a lot of gravel on it and you have to be careful going down it.
4) Harmony School Rd. is closed.
5) Bridge on Sandbrook Headquarters Rd. by Britton Rd. is out.
6) Union St. in Lambertville was closed from Elm St. to Cherry St.
7) Brookville Hollow Rd., I was able to get through on the gravel portion, but I wouldn't ride it with a road bike. Only a gravel, MTB, or Cross bike.
8) Horseshoe Bend Rd., there was debris and a very bad pothole by the bridge. No warning as you come down the hill and around the curve.
9) Haines Rd. (between Dunkard Church & Rosemont Ringoes Rd.) had a construction crew where it runs into Dunkard Church and was blocked.

Following is a list of roads that I drove on and found were ridable. However, even though you can get through on these roads, be advised that many roads have serious debris washed along their edges, or have the edges washed out, especially where they cross over creeks. Also, lots of new pot holes and spots with gravel washed across the roads. So exercise caution, especially when going downhill.
In alphabetical order:
Barbertown Idell Rd.
Barbertown Point Breeze Rd. (only drove portions of this road, but didn't see any issues)
Boss Rd.
Bowne Station Rd. (from Garboski to Queen)
Brookville Hollow Rd. (from Sandy Ridge Mt. Airy Rd. to Seabrook Rd.)
Buchanan Rd.
Byram Kingwood Rd.
Dogwood Dr.
Dunkard Church Rd.
Featherbed Ln.
Federal Twist Rd. (between Milltown & Rte 29)
Ferry Rd. (including Lower Ferry Rd.)
Garboski Rd.
Hampton Corner Rd. (from Joanna Farms Rd. to Rte 579)
Joanna Farms Rd. (from Kren Dr. to Hampton Corner Rd.)
Kingwood Locktown Rd.
Kren Dr.
Lambert Rd.
Lambertville Headquarter Rd. (from Rosemont Ringoes Rd. to Sandy Ridge Mt. Airy Rd.)
Lockatong Rd.
Locktown Flemington Rd. (from Ferry to Rte 579)
Locktown Sergeantsville Rd. (from Kingwood Locktown Rd. to Ferry Rd. - though there was some work going on)
Mason Farm Rd.
Milestone Dr.
Milltown Rd.
Oak Grove Rd. (from Rake Factory Rd. to Rte 519)
Old Croton Rd. (from Rte 579 to Sam Levine Rd.)
Rake Factory Rd. (from Sam Levine Rd. to Oak Grove Rd.)
Reading Rd.
Rittenhouse Rd.
Rosemont Ringoes Rd. (from Rte 519 to Reading Rd. - covered bridge is passable only on the concrete side)
Sandy Ridge Rd.
Sandy Ridge Mt. Airy Rd. (from Bowne Station Rd. to Brookville Hollow Rd.)
Sanford Rd.
Severns Way
Spring Hill Rd.
Stone Signpost Rd.
Sutton Farm Rd.
Thatcher Rd.
Union Rd.
Upper Creek Rd.
Warsaw Rd.
Woolverton Rd.
Yard Rd.
Also, I drove various portions of Routes 519, 523, and 579 and did not see any problems.
Route 29 was open from Lambertville all the way to Frenchtown.
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