Located at Washington Crossing, New Jersey, This Park has a fair amount of climbing and some technical areas.

Washington Crossing Park has many miles of singletrack and most of it deep forest. There are no clearly demarcated loops but there are several tangled hiking paths designated by different colors. Most of the hiking paths serve as superb singletrack and it is possible to cycle for hours and never be on the same path. The overall size of the park does not seem that great but we have gone back to areas every time that I have never seen before.

Recent trips to the park were enjoyable but our last trip brought about an encounter with the park rangers. Although they did not catch us in any areas they felt to be off limits, they basically described the vast majority of the park to be off limits to MTB. This was quite a surprise to us as we had cycled there frequently, encountering rangers and hikers alike who said nothing. The area apparently set aside for MTB was a large fire track circling a large field. As ludicrous as that apparently was, they saw no problem with the paltry area.

Since that time, we have stopped our excursions to Washington Crossing Park. Although we could return there for future trips, the area has not been used. I would have no doubt that a group of 4 or so cyclists would be no cause for alarm, and draw no attention from the rangers. But a large group might be corralled and warned off the park. The rangers have told us they would confiscate bikes.

-Jay R.