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Central Bucks Bicycle Club - it's about more than just cycling!

The Central Bucks Bicycle Club (CBBC) was established in 1975 to promote the sport of recreational cycling and long distance bicycle touring in Bucks County, PA. The Club is comprised of men and women of all ages, from singles to couples to families, and is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Since 1975 the Club has grown significantly in membership and activities and CBBC now has more than 450 members. Regular activities include: evening and weekend bicycle rides (both road and mountain) throughout the year, overnight bicycle trips, and week-long excursions as well as monthly "tailgate" rides (all-category rides which conclude with food, drink, and social activities). Other events include monthly membership meetings, an annual picnic, annual banquet, annual holiday party, the "No-Name Century" ride, and the fall Covered Bridges Ride, which hosts more than 2,000 riders each year.

There is considerable history to explore in Bucks County. Bucks had its origins not just in the land grants of William Penn, but more importantly in the rich history of Native American tribes such as the Lenni Lenape who respected nature and the earth and believed that it belonged to all people. European concepts of the purchase and ownership of land were not part of their culture. They believed that a man could have as much land as he could walk in a day and a half - as evidenced by the Indian Walking Purchase monument on Route 413 in Wrightstown.

The paved roads that we ride today had their origins as footpaths cut by native Americans through the dense and verdant forests that once covered this area; later these footpaths became crude roads for horses and wagons, long before being paved over. Meanwhile the towns and villages that sprung up on them were centered on the inns and taverns that served weary travelers. CBBC bike rides through this historic area often feature these villages and some beautiful covered bridges, leaving you to ponder the history and by-gone days of this scenic countryside.

CBBC is dedicated to community outreach as an active member of Bucks County and surrounding communities, with bicycling as the backdrop for this activism. As one of the many ways that CBBC supports its community, the CBBC Grant Program awards financial grants to organizations whose programs best fulfill the mission of the Club. CBBC, which donates a significant portion of the proceeds from its annual Covered Bridges Ride (scheduled this year for October 7, 2012), has awarded grants in excess of $90,000 since 2000.

In addition to its Grant Program, CBBC “gives back” to the community in other ways:

By building fund-raising teams that participate in charitable bicycling events such as the MS-150, American Cancer Society Ride, Tour de Cure, Anchor House Ride and others.

  • By participating in community clean-up programs including Adopt a Highway and Delaware Canal Clean-Up Day.
  • By sharing holiday cheer, food and gifts with children at Christ Home for Children.
  • By co-sponsoring the annual Doylestown Ride of Silence.
CBBC, a not-for-profit organization, is an affiliated member of Bicycle Coalition of Greater Phildelphia, Bicycle Access Council, and the League of American Bicyclists -- an organization that is involved in many local and national efforts to promote bicycling advocacy programs.