Sunday, October 10, 2021

Online registration opens in May.

Travel through historic covered bridges on the CBBC Covered Bridges Ride. Choose from five options and enjoy the fall foliage of central and upper Bucks County, PA. Our 20- or 30-mile family-friendly flat rides include a ride along the Delaware river towpath, which is a fine-cinder and hardpacked dirt trail best suited to wider tires. Or choose one of the challenging, hilly rides (33, 50, or 63 miles) all on paved roads.

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Click here for link to quick and easy online registration (via

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted.


Register prior to July 30 and save up to $20 per person 
Adults 18 and up: $30; Under 18*: $20 
Optional covered bridge event shirt: $10 additional - must order by September 26.

Register between July 31 and August 27 and save up to $15 per person 
Adults 18 and up: $35; Under 18*: $20 
Optional covered bridge event shirt: $10 additional - must order by September 26.

Register between August 28 and September 24 and save up to $10 per person 
Adults 18 and up: $40; Under 18*: $20 
Optional covered bridge event shirt: $10 additional - must order by September 26.
(Register Sept 28 to 30, for $40, NO t-thirt option)

Register between September 25 and October 8 and save $5 per person (online only):
Adults 18 and up: $45; Under 18*: $20 
NO event shirt option

Oct 8: Pre-registration closes at 11:59pm Friday.

Walk-in pricing (day-of event): Adults: $50, Under 18*: $20
NO event shirt option. 

Day-of registration is on the back side of the registration pavilion.

 *Must be accompanied by Adult.

CBBC members receive $7 off (see your newsletter) Adult prices. Join today!

Discount codes not accepted the day of the event in the park.

Registration materials are not mailed. All riders check-in at Tinicum Park.

Avoid walk-in registration delays! If you register after Sept 28 you can NOT order a T-shirt, but you can still register online (till Oct 11) and pay less (including the Active fee) than the walk-in price of $50 AND avoid filling out a Day-of form and bringing cash or check.

Optional Event T-Shirt:  Selection of a long sleeve t-shirt is optional with online pre-registration only, until September 24, for an additional charge of $10.

Ordered shirts must be claimed by 11:30 a.m. at the event or are forfeited. Shirts cannot be mailed.

Remaining shirts go on sale at the park at noon for $15.

Groups: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rain or shine event.

Registrations are non-refundable.

Registration cannot be deferred.

Proceeds support the CBBC Grant Program

Note: Roadways on the Covered Bridges Ride are NOT closed to vehicular traffic. The local police WILL enforce traffic laws INCLUDING issuing tickets to bicyclists who impede traffic or ignore stop signs and other traffic control devices. Please be respectful of traffic and other cyclists and ride safely and predictably.



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Mail-in Registration Form 2021

The link will download the 2018 mail-in registration from. Please use it for 2021. Add your email address and phone number for contact. Respect the prices above in relation to postal date. Forms mailed in with improper payment based on post marked date may be rejected.

Mail-in registration must be post marked by Sept. 20th!

Forms received after this date will be ignored. Mail-in registration will be phased out in the future.